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Western Australian agriculture is dominated by dryland broadacre cropping and also comprises livestock and horticultural crops.

The local agricultural inputs market is valued at $1 billion, which includes fertiliser, crop protection, animal health, fencing, water and produce products.

Approximately 40% of all sales into the market are through independent rural retailers.

Agquire Rural Holdings (ARH) offers a succession option for independent business owners exiting the industry, capturing opportunities for improved operations and performance.

The ARH Board of Directors has extensive rural retail experience and business expertise, including management of the largest wholesaler of agricultural inputs to WA independent retailers.

The company owns multiple independent retail businesses across the WA agricultural region and continues to actively explore acquisition opportunities.

Consolidation of a network of these businesses allows us to enhance their operations and performance, as well as to leverage our capabilities for financial benefit.

We focus on maintaining the unique attributes of the businesses whilst improving their performance and efficiency through the adoption of centralised systems and processes, consolidated buying and retail disciplines, and the recruitment and development of skilled and motivated staff. This can also open the door to further market opportunities in local areas through organic growth and the introduction of new products and services.

To help limit earnings risk, ARH is developing a retail network that is geographically diverse, has multiple income streams and is competitively isolated.

The company is in strong growth mode and aims to achieve sufficient retail scale to allow maximum leverage, and also enable customers and shareholders to share in the benefits and growth.

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